The Wildcats defeat the Stampede 4-2

Rio Virgoe came up big, stopping 29 of 31 shots throughout the game. The Jersey Shore Wildcats took the lead before the halfway point in the first on a goal from David Vaysberg and never looked back.

Dinmukhamed Dzhangarashev chipped in with 2 points (1 goal, 1 assist) and David Vaysberg had a busy night with 2 points (1 goal, 1 assist).

During the first period, Dzhangarashev opened the scoring for the Wildcats with a goal at 8:35 with a helper from Plsek. Plsek put in a goal at 11:05 with helpers from his linemates, Vaysberg and Rowe. Vaysberg deposited what turned out to be the game winning goal at 13:32 with assists from Plsek and Dzhangarashev.

During the second period, Soden finally put the Stampede on the board with a goal at 11:22 with an assist from his linemate Derollo.

In the third, Gulawsky answered for the Wildcats with a goal at 1:44 with helpers from his linemates, Allen and Schaljo. Walker answered for Syracuse with a goal at 10:50 with helpers from teammates Wallace and Hart.

Jersey Shore’s victory was in no doubt helped out by Virgoe’s big night as he stopped 29 of the 31 shots he faced. Virgoe’s counterpart, Scheide, also had a big night, managing to stop 38 of 42, but ultimately fell short.

This win brings the Jersey Shore Wildcats’ record to (28-20-1-0)